Benefits of Sound Masking

A wide number of studies have been performed on the effects of noise in an office environment. In addition to general annoyance, conversation and other distractions can have a profound effect on worker morale and productivity. Sound masking techniques were developed as a way to counteract this problematic effect for businesses around the world. Although this service may sound superfluous, there are a number of benefits to this technology that have created an increasing demand for the various types of available sound masking.

The Benefits of Sound Masking Include:

  • Reduce Distractions – through cancelling out conversations, traffic, and other background sounds, workers are better able to focus on their tasks. Studies have shown that worker productivity can be affected by up to 40% due to noise distractions.
  • Privacy – important client information is protected from being overheard and customers can feel more confident in your business, knowing that you take discretion with their information seriously.
  • Reduce Stress – white noise and other background sounds have been shown to have a calming effect on many individuals, helping your employees enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere and reducing the likelihood of mental fatigue and burnout, which can lead to increased turnover rates.

Cancelling out problematic noise through sound masking creates a more welcoming and productive atmosphere for employees and visitors alike. These benefits can be of great use in a number of businesses, with some of the most common uses including: banks, labs, libraries, call centers, law firms, and hospitals.

Developments in sound masking technology have made it easy for companies to enjoy these benefits without compromising the aesthetic of their offices. Speakers can be easily camouflaged, painted to match the surrounding area, or installed inside the walls themselves. The variety of available speakers and installation options enable businesses to choose a speaker arrangement that fits their office’s needs.

A number of features have also made it easy to reap the maximum benefit from sound masking systems. Ethernet controls allow the channel, volume, and frequency of sound masking to be adjusted from a computer, while some emitters are even equipped with the ability to automatically select from multiple channels to provide the best suited masking for any situation.

The individual benefits to each company can vary widely. If you’d like to know what our sound masking company can do for your Houston business, contact us today and we can discuss your unique needs.