How to Choose a Sound Masking System

Any manager or employee who works in a noisy environment, such as a call center, hospital, or bank can tell you that noise levels can be a serious concern. Whether you’re concerned with keeping your client’s information private or providing a more comfortable workplace that increases productivity, a sound masking system can greatly improve the environment in a work area that struggles with privacy and noise.

Although there are many type of making systems on the market, the main difference to consider when examining these options is cost, simplicity, and privacy. The primary methods of managing sound revolve around either absorbing the sound with certain ceiling tiles and panels, blocking it with walls and partitions, or covering it with a sound masking system. some methods may provide several of these benefits, and combinations can be particularly effective.

Consider Your Investment

With the goal in mind of reducing speech recognition in the office sounds, even small adjustments can have a big impact. Reducing stress, removing distractions, and improving the accuracy of workers can actually save money in the long run by increasing productivity and reducing turnaround rates. In this manner, even a higher upfront cost for a masking system may lead to larger savings for a business. The cost of a system can include hardware, placing speakers and needed items, and software enhancements in systems to compensate for difficulties. Consider both the long and short term when deciding if certain costs are worth the investment.

How Complex is the System?

Different available systems offer a range of simplicity, with some simply radiating sound into a given area. Others will need a more involved touch due to obstacles and challenges, but sometimes enhancements and adjustments can make up for these complications. The complexity of the system and the role that it needs to fill within a certain space can also affect the cost of the system, upkeep costs, and future upgrades.

Limitations of Privacy

The level of privacy granted by the system is more of a concern in some industries than others. for instance, a law firm that is selecting a sound masking system primarily to protect sensitive information will place a heavy emphasis on whether the system provides enough privacy to be worth the installation at all. Although systems can often be adjusted to provide higher levels of privacy, there are limitations that sometimes cannot be overcome by a given system.

The numerous options when investing in a sound masking system for a business can quickly become overwhelming. The most direct and reliable means to learn about the options that suit your budget and requirements is to consult with an experience sound masking company. You can be provided with personalized information and answers to your specific questions.