Courtrooms can benefit from sound masking

Law Firm Sound Masking

Many legal environments require a high level of privacy. Courtrooms, law enforcement facilities, and the law offices of practicing attorneys must protect the information provided to them by clients, other attorneys, witnesses, and all involved parties. Those providing testimony must feel completely secure or they may not feel comfortable in discussing matters fully. Clients of attorneys must also feel that they can discuss their case privately, or the relationship may be hampered by withheld information.

Although other steps are generally taken to maximize privacy surrounding legal matters, sound masking is an excellent method to assure confidentiality and protect any sensitive information discussed in a law office or other legal setting.

Better Legal Environment

In addition to protecting sensitive information, sound masking in law offices can improve the ability of attorneys and staff to focus on their tasks and increase productivity. Especially in larger law firms, as many staff members bustle through the office, the level of background noises and conversations can become distracting and stressful. Just as in other industries, providing sound masking for the office can create a much better atmosphere for all workers.

Customizable options when choosing a sound masking system allows all types of legal environments, from massive courtrooms to smaller deliberations rooms, to employ a sound masking solution that fits the space in question. Keeping privileged information between clients, attorneys, judges, and witnesses is paramount in maintaining a private and trusted environment, where justice can be fairly served.

In addition to beneficial white noise, the speakers and masking system installed in a courthouse, police stations, or other public area can also provide a paging system and even a mass notification emergency communication system (MNEC). In an emergency, the entire area can be notified of the situation, evacuated, or directed.

Convince Your Clients

For law firms in particular, establishing the trust of a client is key. If a potential client sees that your office has gone the extra mile to protect their privacy, they are more likely to entrust you with their case. In addition, buzzing background noise can increase the tension of a client who may already be feeling stressed by the situation they’ve come to discuss. Providing a relaxing environment can put your clients at ease and help establish meaningful communication.