Call centers face ongoing issues regarding noise levels.

Solving Call Center Noise Problems

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 500,000 employees worked in call centers throughout the United States in 2014. These businesses perform a wide range of tasks, from customer surveys to technical support and sales departments. Often composed of dozens of workers in a single room, constantly speaking to clients and customers, call centers can experience serious issues with noise levels.

High levels of sound interference can have a number of adverse effects on a call center. Studies show that worker productivity, employee retention rates, and even customer satisfaction can see a negative impact from excessive noise levels. High volume levels interfere with workers’ ability to hear themselves and potential customers on the phone, and customers can even hear other operators in the background, creating numerous problems.

For example, call centers handle sensitive information from customers, such as credit card numbers, account information, and addresses. If customers hear heavy noise levels in the background of a call, they can lose confidence in a business and may feel more like a number than a valued customer.

Since consistent talking is an unavoidable obstacle in this growing industry, several methods have been researched in alleviating this issue. One of the most effective options involves sound masking technology. This provides positive white noise that cancels out distinctive chatter to create a more calm and pleasant atmosphere. By disguising the noise from other operators, machinery, and foot traffic, sound masking can turn irritating, stressful chaos into an indistinct lull that is less noticeable and distracting. Since volume concerns are just part of the business, tackling the problem with sound masking equipment is one of the few methods that genuinely creates a more positive work space.

Limited space is also not an issue with this technology, as it can be easily installed in the ceiling tiles in a matter of minutes, quickly getting companies back to work. This popular option has been used to great effect by many companies to produce a better call center atmosphere for both their customers and employees.