Sound Masking Products Houston

Dynasty Sound is the premiere sound masking technology provider in the Houston area. Whether you run a hospital, a university library, a nursing home, or a corporate office building, Dynasty Sound can provide your entire location with the best sound masking products in Houston.

Our Sound Masking Products:

We provide top-of-the-line Cambridge Sound Products to all of our clients. Some of the best products we proved from Cambridge Sound Products includes:

Control Module: Cambridge Sound Products’ control module can generate four channels of uncorrelated masking sound, so that you have the perfect sound masking in any situation. Each channel is able to deliver powers of up to 0.5 watts all the way up to 5 watts. It is also able to provide balanced or unbalanced input for paging.

Emitter: The Cambridge Sound Products’ smart emitters are able to automatically select among four distribution channels to eliminate acoustical interference effects. The Emitters can come in any custom color.

Power Supply: The Cambridge Sound Products’ power supply specs include 12 VAC via a 12-watt UL/cUL-rated, wall-mounted modular power supply with a 6-foot power cord supplied through standard configuration.

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Dynasty Sound’s employees are dedicated to safety, a professional working commitment, customer satisfaction, and working closely with all contractors. Our intention is to study all facets of sound masking in order to gain new technological insights and advances, so that you are always receiving the best product that exists. If you are in need of any sound masking products for your various locations, contact Dynasty Sound today.