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Dynasty Sound is the best speech privacy company Houston has to offer. Whether you run a hospital, a university library, a nursing home, or a corporate office building, Dynasty Sound can provide your entire location with the best speech privacy products in Houston.

The Benefits of using Speech Privacy Systems:

  • Reduce Distracting Noise
  • Increase Worker’s Concentration
  • Increase Productivity and Customer Privacy
  • Keep Your Conversations Private
  • Reduce Stress
  • Give Patients Extra Comfort and Privacy

In addition, these systems can also help increase worker productivity!

Reduce Noise Distractions to Increase Worker Productivity

Studies have found that human speech can be intelligible up to 50 feet away, and not only can impact a worker’s attentiveness, but also increase stress, and be detrimental to short-term memory. Since the 1960s, experiments and tests have occurred using sound technology to increase worker productivity. Loud speakers proved to be just as disruptive as human speech, but when “pink noise” was discovered using sound masking technology, it changed everything, increasing worker productivity heavily.

Pink noise is generally defined as background noise used to match as specific decibel of audibility in order to mask a specific sound. When targeted to human speech, pink noise raised the threshold of audibility just enough to mask intelligibility of conversation without requiring the distracting higher volumes of loudspeakers.

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