Sound Masking

What does sound masking sound like?

Sound masking is an increasingly popular option for businesses to combat noisy work environments and protect their client’s sensitive information. Industries ranging from call centers to law firms and financial companies are enjoying the benefits of a quieter work environment that increases productivity and provides workers with a more pleasant work area.

The process of minimizing background noise within an office involves the use of acoustic technology to produce cancellation noise that masks the disrupting sounds. The noise isn’t gone, it’s just cancelled out by noise that makes it less distinct. This sounds like an interesting concept, but what does it sound like in person? Sound masking tends to sound like air conditioning. Our ears are so used to hearing the soft blow of air that the sound masking is hardly noticeable. The idea is to reduce distracting noises without workers even noticing.

Since sound masking installations tend to involve a series of speakers in the building, most of these systems also include the ability to use the system to make announcements and sound alarms. Many can even provide music, but most of the time they’re simply providing a subtle change in the sound atmosphere of the building.

The sounds produced by a sound masking system can vary depending on the layout of the building and the client’s needs. When planning out the installation, sound masking professionals will survey the area and determine the optimal arrangement for the speakers. Once they are installed, the noise produced may be tweaked and adjusted to best cover the everyday sounds of the business as it operates. Every arrangement is different, so contacting a professional sound masking company is the best way to learn what arrangements will work best for a certain situation and what the solution may sound like.