White Noise Masking Systems, Houston

White noise masking systems are changing the face of the medical, professional, and collegiate fields. These systems are helping to create a better and quieter learning environment while also creating a more pleasant workspace, and also helping to reduce noise and stress for patients needing rest. Dynasty Sound is front-and-center of this exciting and revolutionary movement. Already there are studies proving that sound masking systems improve the quality and quantity of work produced in offices and universities. So what else does this technology have in store? Let’s find out:

Where is sound masking primarily used:

Sound masking technology can be used anywhere and everywhere there is unwanted sound that hinders the comfort of anyone in the area. Some notable examples that were already discussed include workplaces such as offices or high-rises, libraries and university classrooms, and hospitals. They are also very beneficial to places that use relaxation as their M.O., such as spas and massage parlors. This is because of a frequency known as pink noise.

Pink noise is generally defined as background noise used to match as specific decibel of audibility in order to mask a specific sound. When targeted to human speech, pink noise raised the threshold of audibility just enough to mask intelligibility of conversation without requiring the distracting higher volumes of loudspeakers.

The Benefits of using White Noise Masking Systems:

  • Reduce Distracting Noise
  • Increase Worker’s Concentration
  • Increase Productivity and Customer Privacy
  • Keep Your Conversations Private
  • Reduce Stress
  • Give Patients Extra Comfort and Privacy

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