Common Uses of Sound Masking

Sounds masking can decrease indoor atmospheric noise, increase privacy, or reduce noise from outside sources. This can be useful in almost any business, but some industries can particularly benefit from sound masking technology and frequently use it to increase worker productivity and secure private information.

Some popular uses of sound masking include:

  • Medical facilities unfortunately suffer from a loud atmosphere that can interfere with patient comfort and recovery. Chatter, alarms, pages, and other sounds contribute to the noise and can keep patients from resting. Sound masking has been proven to be extremely effective in reducing problematic hospital noise and providing patients with a quieter atmosphere that can have a direct impact on recovery, as well as providing privacy to patients.
  • Law firms often handle sensitive information, including interviews with clients and confidential discussions. In addition, a busy office may include dozens of staff members bustling around on cases, which can quickly become loud.
  • Government and other facilities that regularly deal with confidential information are obvious candidates for sound masking. Military installations and other areas have used this technology for decades.
  • Call centers can include dozens or even hundreds of employees talking in close proximity to each other. Sounds masking can help with reducing distractions to other employees, improving productivity and worker morale.
  • Banks are typically quiet areas, but clients will often discuss sensitive personal or financial information. Privacy and confidentiality can be greatly increased with sound masking.
  • Libraries are renowned for quiet atmospheres, but large numbers of patrons can make it difficult to maintain a low level of noise. Especially at universities, where research is frequently conducted and students need to focus, sound masking can create a much more conducive environment.
  • A wide range of corporate offices currently use sound masking, from Disney to Microsoft. Companies with large offices can provide a more productive atmosphere and reduce worker stress by providing calming sound masking.

The benefits of sound masking technology are well established and can be used in a number of ways. With technology constantly developing, sound masking stands to become even more widely used by companies around the globe.